Reset Your Soul

by Animations

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Agent X
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Agent X This album is brilliant. Awesome verses, choruses, and the in-betweens. If you like metal at all, this is a must. Favorite track: Toxicyber.
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Soshanna Prog Metal has never sounded better. Favorite track: Demons Of War.
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released December 7, 2010

Darek Bartosiewicz - Vocals
Bartek Bisaga - Bass & Vocals
Kuba Dębski - Guitars & Vocals
Tomek Konopka - Keyboards
Paweł Larysz - Drums & Percussion

Recorded @ Sonic Maze Studios
November 2008 - May 2009

Mixed by Kuba Dębski @ Sonic Maze Studios
June 2009

Mastered by Tommy Hansen @ Jailhouse Studios
July 2009



all rights reserved


Animations Jaworzno, Poland

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Track Name: Reset Your Soul
Real fades
Seems like all this is fake
So vague
Disillusioned in all ways
Blinded by the state of things
It's hard to see the truth

It's a world filled with hate and fury
It's a world where nothing like it's supposed to be

It's a world where lifes are on display
It's a world where no one knows your name
It's a world where only cash is praised
Reset your soul
It's a world where everything's for sale
Maybe time has come to finally recognize

You cannot seize the days
Until this chase is over
You're trapped inside this vicious maze

You're struggling for your breath
Every day you're growing older
Your only way to free your life is to reset your soul

Tell me do you like the road we've taken
Life is a sum of mistakes
There must be something deep down
You have to find out your way

It's a world where freedom is enslaved
Reset your soul
It's a world where reason's locked away
Maybe time has come to finally find out why
Track Name: Demons Of War
Time passes by
Thought I'd soothe my soul
I haven't though
I don't feel the same

It's hell inside
With every shot
Heavens die
Darkness fills the skies

They made me fight
Made me take lives
Kill with a stone cold face
They made me fight

Run and hide
Stay alive
Keep a rifle by my side
I'm not allowed to choose
Another point of view

Night and day
Sun and rain
Feel the blood pump through my veins
Unconsciously subdued
Why am I so confused

They made me fight

Endless devotion
Sudden emotion
Buried in silence cries

Do as you are told
Never whine or moan
You'll never question your orders

Army is your home
Gun is all you'll own
Inside a battle you're all alone

Do as you are told
Never whine or moan
You'll never question your orders

Army is your home
Gun is all you'll own
You gotta know that
You are a demon of war

Face to face
Arm to arm
Eye to eye
Play with fire

Feel no pain
War's my game
Fear I've tamed
Survival is my aim
Track Name: Inscrutable
Sun goes away
Night wins over day
People are running scared
I'm on fire

Fate is to blame
Cannot fight with myself
Panic runs through my veins
I'm on fire

Maybe I'll find
A way
To be free
Like an open space

Want to feel
Want to cry
Want to feel frail

I can feel it rise again
Hunger blinds what's left inside me

One step away
I felt this candied taste
One final move
What have I done again

Why once again
I have lost my chance to change
The beast within me
Spat straight to my face

Now, now I know
I might never be alone
Live each day
While this demon finds its prey

I can try to change
Try to change my life

Die and leave yourself behind
Forever free my mind
And let me fix my soul

Now I've come to realize
My enigmatic life
Is filthy, sick and low

Silence in my head
I'm not filled with dread
I feel numb and it's all over

Dreams are bright again
Mind is strong and sane
I've been freed from all this horror

What is wrong with me
Maybe it's not real
I cannot take it

Someone rescue me
It was not a dream
I feel like caving

There's no way I'd live as two forever
I won't be a part of this endeavor
Don't want to hide my face
Destiny's won the fight
I feel weak inside
Time to set me free

Face now it's time to face
This wretched fate of mine
Go time to go
I must find another home

Yes I'm prepared
To run away
Leave the flesh and soul
Yes I must go
I can't see another way
Track Name: The Manhattan Project
instrumental track
Track Name: Request For Redemption
Why I feel this way
Fear of future days

What I feel inside
Force majeure
Someone by my side
Keeps me sane
You are my truth

Am I the only one
Who wants to see your face
I stare towards the skies
To figure out your ways

A chance to feel at peace and free
Catch the time and don't let go
Every moment feels so strong
Like it never had

Before I struggled with each day
And wind would blow straight to my face
I worried then
What happens when

For whom I lived
One sunless day
Will leave without goodbye
I feel unsafe
I'd like to know
Will You help me stand up high

Let me cross the fire
Put a stop to my cries
Let me stumble on heaven's smile
One ray of light to realize

Never dies
Track Name: The Last Man
My friends just left me
There's no one here
I'm all alone
Really hard to understand
Hard to explain
Really hard to realize
Never felt what I feel now
I think I'm afraid

I want to wake
Leave all behind
I want to find a way
To follow like cats do
I will keep
Keep on running
Running faster
Until I lose my breath

And this cruel
Cruel empty town
Be the last on Earth
It scares me
Like darkness scares the kids
I'm crossing streets
Hearing my heart beat
Seeking someone in a panic
Someone just like me
Just real, standing here
Whom I can touch with my fingers
To believe

Nobody to talk to
Nobody to complain
Nobody who'd help make my soul clean
I don't know what to do
I feel that one false move can break me down
Can break me down
The only thing comes to mind just run away
Without leaving tracks in the mud

I never wanted to break
I never wanted to feel this way

I keep on crossing
Holding my heart
Looking for someone like me

Like I am

Never wish to be the last man
Your dreams may come true
Every word you say may come real
Always think twice

Power that you have and space around you
Can be not enough to let you win
Not losing all
Not losing you
Losing me
Track Name: 1989
instrumental track
Track Name: Toxicyber
Do we have to even take it
When empty words feel just like flames
Why the hell do we even bother
We cannot keep them far away

Why every word is never final
Seems like we're wandering in a fog
Why is it hard to try to fight them
Those cyberpsychos we all know

Those words have never made nobody smile
They burn and sting over and over
Is this some kind of "see me, help me" cry?
Are you some kind of new age showman?

Behind the cable
Full of anger
Cyber toxic

Behind the wall
From the outside
Delusions of

It's a mark of times
Spreading stupid lies
It doesn't make no sense
Who's to blame

Leave those lads alone
Always let things go
They will keep coming back so
Care no more
Have no respect